Sometimes, even the most dynamic leaders and teams get weary, distracted or a bit lost in their direction... What Then?

  • How do you identify which roadblocks are slowing things down and create a breakthrough plan that works?
  • Which message and actions will fire up your team's creative energy and instill lasting meaningful change?
  • What can YOU do differently to inspire your team to go all the way to the summit of success?
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AT Mountain PEAK Strategies our mission is to help you
Rise to the Challenge™

We believe that answering the challenge requires us to navigate business in a fundamentally different way than ever before...

Emotional and strategic agility has become the defining factor of today's most successful and productive leaders. Women leaders who differentiate themselves will be the ones who make the biggest, most lasting impact with their teams.

We've seen it happen over and over. When a critical mass of empowered leaders and teams is created, then the heights to which they and their organization or agency can soar are limited only by their definition of success.


Mountains are the perfect metaphor for life, representing the peaks and valleys, the summits and rigors of the journey. Summiting Mount Kiliminjaro at 19,340 feet gave Mozella an EXTREME real-world experience of 'failure and success'–and taught her how to help her clients tap the power and resources within themselves to overcome challenges and step up to empowered ACTION.

She has a long, proven track record for inspiring and guiding top female leaders. Here are some of the companies and organizations she has helped Rise to the Challenge™: