Firstly, let me say that I was in the audience last week at the Marriott Hotel (London) and the evening was inspirational. Your words touched my heart and opened me up again to embracing my creativity."

– Leah Longville, Redundancy Outplacement & Training, LTD., London, England

  Absolutely remarkable and fantastic delivery…in fact our participants’ evaluations shared how insightful, interesting and motivating it was to discover the power of oneself through simple, basic and thought-provoking principles as shared during Mozella’s talk. The impact of this talk will indeed add value to any organization seeking to equip its team and members."

– Adeola Azeez, Chairperson 2011-2013, Women in Management, Business and Public Service, Lagos, Nigeria

  We are so very grateful for your presentation ‘It Takes a Team to Climb a Mountain’ to our management team during the retreat. Our leaders were so inspired by your story and how you helped us frame the change that is ahead, in meaningful terms that allow for individual and collective action. Brilliantly done. Thank you!"

– Lidia Soto-Harmon, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC

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  … Our members walked away feeling inspired about their potential and ability to grow their small businesses. Bravo, Mozella, you did it again! "
– Peggy Morris, President and Founder Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc., Mitchellville, Maryland