Reach The Peak
...And inspire your team to even greater achievement

Your company is having a retreat―excellent! You’ve chosen a powerful catalyst for change. Now you and your team can shed daily routines and pressures and bound ahead, free to explore transformative new ideas that move your company to enduring innovation and success.

But how can you be sure the precious hours you spend offsite will be productive and inspiring, and lead to rich new insights and commitment to action?

Set the pace with Reach The Peak, Mountain Peak Strategies’ invigorating half or full-day retreat program, customized to your team’s goals!

Encouraged and guided step by step, participants ignite the power of their imagination. Stimulated by story, reflection and experiential activity―along with mind-expanding tales and images of challenges overcome atop Nature’s high peaks―they:

  • Become deeply in touch with their innate talents and strengths―and unique capacity for making a profound and lasting impact on their individual, team and company’s future―so they launch into the retreat process fully confident and committed to rewarding outcomes.
  • Open their hearts and minds to the wonder and wisdom of Nature’s teachings. Wild storms and river crossings, steep trails, rocky terrain and other challenges are indelible metaphors for workplace roadblocks. Examining their challenges from this perspective, your team boosts their mutual trust, reliance and ingenuity to transcend obstacles and achieve their goals.
  • Assess the why of your company’s big vision and appreciate their essential role in bringing it forth into the world. With this foundation, and ample, safe opportunities to think beyond ordinary expectations, participants are eager to contribute to the conversation and help initiate new heights of achievement.

The result?
Refreshed, excited and well-equipped, your team is brimming with on-target ideas and resolve to spur each individual, the group as a whole and your company to ever evolving, ever greater success.

Let’s Get Started
Reach The Peak, a half or full-day retreat program, ensures every member of your team turns on the full power of their imagination, experience and collaboration to help conceive the next evolution of your company’s success.

Participants engage in creative, sometimes surprising and always thought-provoking activities that keep them focused and energized. And customized program content―concepts and tools geared to spark innovation, confidence and commitment―is presented in a novel manner that sticks and inspires.

For your convenience, Reach The Peak comes to your retreat venue, wherever you’re located in the world.

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  To the constant delight of her audiences and fellow travelers, Mozella's unique stories and experiences provide an entertaining and transformative backdrop that nourishes mind, body and spirit. Mozella has an irresistible and mesmerizing voice…Her words remind us of our unique individuality to blossom in the world. "

– Carol J. Piras, Managing Partner, The Piras Group, San Ramon, CA

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Let the adventure begin!

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  Mozella’s powerful use of metaphor provided a platform from which to explore relationships with the natural world and self. "
– Dr. Ariella Helfgott, Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford, England