Step Up to The Summit
...And align your team’s talent for success

Your company has a big vision, and you and your team must work together to achieve what’s expected.

But how motivated is your team? How well do they relate to the grander why of your company’s purpose? Do they appreciate their importance to their team and company’s success? And when roadblocks and challenges surface, does your team sometimes act at cross-purposes?

If these questions raise any doubts or worry, know there’s an effective, creative solution.

Step Up to The Summit, Mountain Peak Strategies’ customized, experiential workshop, moves your team from the fog of disparate attitudes and priorities to a crystal-clear, unified trek to success.

Equipped with 21st century tools and concepts―and inspired by an electrifying blend of imagery, stories and on-point lessons taken from some of Earth’s most remote and challenging environments―your team members dig deep and:

  • Discover how to align their gifts, strengths and commitment with others in their group―essential for building personal and team confidence and mastery, and contributing to overall company success.
  • Examine why your company’s overall vision―the difference it wishes to make in the world―is important to those it serves and employs, so each participant and your entire team awaken to the impact they can have to further the cause, make it their own and bring it to productive, creative fruition.
  • Fine-tune their group ‘map to the top’―highlighted by key milestones to mark progress and signal opportunities for celebration―so together they concentrate their energies, determination and activities into steady, surefooted accomplishment.

The outcome?
Energized by their newfound insights and skills, and knowing what to do and where to go, your team journeys with straightforward resolve to greater success.

Let’s Get Started
Step up to The Summit is an interactive ‘expedition’ that fires up your team’s excitement and purpose, guides them through their challenges and empowers them to greater achievement.

A rich combination of sessions allows participants to practice the tools and concepts they learn so they can immediately apply their new skills in the workplace. Assignments reinforce teachings and keep the team focused on using program techniques as they develop their individual and group proficiency. The follow-up provided is an invaluable opportunity to support the establishment of new habits and maintain momentum required to realize effective, intentional change.

Step Up to The Summit comes to you, wherever you’re located in the world, and can be held in your space or preferred venue.

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  I knew that attending the workshop that followed Mozella’s successful climb of Mount Kilimanjaro would benefit my personal life, but I had no idea of how much the metaphors from the mountain climb would speak to me as a business owner. I left the workshop with a new sense of my Shira Plateau (the last 6 months of my business). I also left the workshop with clear purpose and a high-level plan for 2014. Thank you Mozella and Shirley for the many lessons that you learned and for sharing these lessons with us. I am climbing the Great Barranco Wall! "

– Marva Goldsmith, President, Marva Goldsmith & Associates, Inc.

Let the adventure begin!

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  We are so very grateful for your presentation ‘It Takes a Team to Climb a Mountain’ to our management team during the retreat. Our leaders were so inspired by your story and how you helped us frame the change that is ahead, in meaningful terms that allow for individual and collective action. Brilliantly done. Thank you! "
– Lidia Soto-Harmon, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC